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The Curse of the Cardboard Christmas Cookie

December 15 2013

You know those Christmas cookies that you spend hours making with your kids? The ones that you let the  kids do all by themselves. The ones you don't put any sugar in because you figure the icing alone will send them over the edge.The ones that come out of the oven about 2 inches thick because you fought your urge to make them edible and just let the kids 'have at em' with the rolling pin. The ones that taste like cardboard and almost send you to the dentist with a broken tooth? Yes those ones - the ones that the kids won't even eat despite the sugary topping! Well, I thought I was having an original thought when I came up with the brilliant idea to hang them on the Christmas tree...hmmm, looks like there are a lot of us out there hanging our Xmas baking disasters on the tree...Now, I wonder if I can fashion this rock solid attempt at fruitcake into a christmas angel for the top of the tree?

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