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About Us

Harry's Garden have designed and created a range of organic and natural kids essentials, including our signature range of Heaties which are whimsical and robust cuddle toys. They are made from organic bamboo fabric and filled with organic New Zealand Flaxseed, and have been created for kids (and grown-ups!) with excessive snuggling in mind.

Harry's Garden was created in 2009 under the premise of creating functional and creative snugglies for kids with sensitive souls. We wanted our fabrics to be safe and non-irritating to new skin, hence the organic bamboo fabric which, when used frozen, was able to sooth our sons baby-excema without further exacerbating the issue. Since then we have grown both our range and footprint and continue to do so. We work with a number of local retailers, as well as exporting to Singapore, Japan and China. 

Our range is constantly growing so be sure to check in with us on a regular basis. We also have fantastic range of pre-made gift boxes but feel free to make up your own combinations and make use of our personalised gift card offer.

We're all about making connections and spreading good cheer far and wide so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas. We're open to hearing your feedback.

Kind regards,

Toni Spencer

Managing Director at Harry's Garden, New Zealand