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1) How do I Heat my Heatie? 

Just like this:

1a) How long does it take to Heat my Heatie?

Your Heatie only takes about 30 seconds in the microwave. Heat in 10 second increments to be extra safe and for no longer than 40 seconds. Give it a good shake and you're ready to go. Always make sure you remove your Heatie Pouch before placing in the microwave. Also, make sure that the turntable is able to rotate during heating and reheating. Be careful when removing the Heatie from the microwave it may be hot! Always use under adult supervision and never allow your child to warm Heatie in the microwave.

2) Can I warm up Heatie in the oven or use a convection microwave?

No. Please do not do this.

Can I reheat my Heatie over and over again?

Yes. No problem.

Do I need to put a cup of water in the Microwave as I warm my Heatie?

No. Flax contains a lot of natural oil so will not dry out like inferior grain product.

3) How do I cool my Heatie/Koolee?

Simply place your Heatie/Koolee in the Freezer for 15-30 mins. Enjoy. 

4) Can I store my Heatie/Koolee in the Freezer?

Yes, of course. Its a great idea to have a frozen Heatie/Koolee on hand for emergency Boo-boo's, sprains or toddler tears. In fact they are awesome at soothing toddler-tantys.

Why flax instead of rice or other grain? 

  • Flaxseed provides a gentle, moist heat which promotes healing.
  • The weight of flaxseed is gentle and comforting.
  • Flaxseeds are flower seeds, rather than grain. Thus they contain 30-40% oil which remains inside the seed to be warmed again and again. Other products loose their ability to retain heat as the water cooks out of them over time.
  • When heated, flaxseed pillows retain half their heat after an hour. 
  • Flax never has that “cooked grain” smell other grain based products have when heated over and over again.
  • Flaxseed pillows can also be chilled in the freezer to sooth fevers or slight inflammations.

Labelling & Safety

Harry's Garden Products are manufactured with the utmost care and adhere to international safety standards and stringent labelling laws. Our Heatie's are recommended for ages 3 and up and this is stated on the garment tag as required by law. This is due to the removable pouch that contains Flaxseed which could become a choking hazard if accessed and swallowed.

Our Heaties will become hot when heated and recommend the supervision of an adult at all times. Do NOT allow a child to Heat the Heatie. Upon purchasing the Heatie, the consumer is responsible for their own safety. Please follow heating instructions carefully. As per legal requirements we do not advise putting the Heatie under a blanket.