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Loyalty Points

We love you and you know it!

To reward our gorgeous customers, we are delighted to offer one loyalty point for EVERY dollar spent! Just make sure you log in when you shop and you will be rewarded with points on every purchase. We also give you a little kick starter of 200 points when you sign up and another 200 for your birthday! You'll be earning big rewards in no time at all. You can redeem your points on your next order, or save them up for a big purchase.

  • Simply login before you shop (or at checkout) and its business as usual as you go through the checkout
  • Complete your order process as usual.

The next time you log in to shop with Harrys Garden & Co you will see your points balance and the option to redeem points at the start of the checkout process (as long as you are logged in!) – to claim the discount simply click APPLY DISCOUNT!

500 reward points are worth $5 so you may find you get a nice discount on every order you make.

You can check your rewards balance any time by clicking on the 'Reward Program' widget in the bottom right corner after logging in (top right).